10 reasons to choose the Nikon Z system

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Whether you’re thinking of moving from DSLR to mirrorless, or jumping into the world of photography for the first time, the Nikon Z system will help you create images and video like never before

1. More light

The Nikon Z mount, with its 55mm throat diameter, is the widest mount available for full-frame cameras, gathering more light for the sensor. More light means more detail, more nuance to your images and more of those legendary Nikon colours. And the short distance between the mount and the sensor means all that detail is captured all the way to the edge.

2. NIKKOR Z lenses

The Nikon Z mount has fundamentally changed the way lenses can be designed and built. Lenses can be lighter and more compact, making them easier to travel with and more comfortable to use, while new developments in coatings and optics make images sharper than ever. With more than 40 lenses (with more being added all the time), the NIKKOR Z range of lenses has something for every eventuality, covering a huge range of focal lengths in zooms and primes. If you already have a Nikon F mount lens collection, have no fear, as you can attach more than 300 Nikon F mount lenses on your mirrorless camera via a FTZ II adapter.

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3. See what you shoot

With a Nikon Z camera, you really do see what you shoot. Unlike DSLRs with an optical viewfinder, the mirrorless Nikon Z cameras utilise a pin-sharp electronic viewfinder, or EVF (read more here). This means you see what the sensor sees, including adjustments to exposure. Plus, moving to mirrorless from DSLR means no more having to switch between the viewfinder and rear monitor to check details before shooting.

4. Smaller and lighter than a DSLR

By removing the mirror and prism that would be in a DSLR, mirrorless cameras can be smaller and lighter. You can shoot handheld all day if you want to. The Nikon Z mount also allows for a completely new design of lens structure, making the lenses more compact and lighter, too. Your bag is about to get a lot easier to carry…  


5. Amazing video

Nikon Z mount mirrorless cameras are made for video from the outset. Whether you’re vlogging, shooting product videos, capturing a wedding or making a movie – from TikTok to Hollywood – the Nikon Z system has a camera that will get the job done brilliantly. You can shoot in a variety of video codecs and in stunning 4K Ultra HD (or all the way to 8K with the Nikon Z 9 and Z 8). You’ll achieve pro-level results with minimal focus-breathing, super-sharp autofocus and incredible low-light performance.


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6. Silent shooting

On Nikon Z mount mirrorless cameras, you have the option to shoot silently as the mechanical shutters make minimal sound compared to DSLRs. This makes the Z system perfect for shooting from a hide in a woodlands (like Konsta Punkka does) or shooting at Wimbledon à la Corinne Dubreuil, where extraneous noise is unwanted.

7. More focus points

While DSLRs reflect some of the incoming light on to a separate focusing sensor, mirrorless cameras use the entire main sensor for autofocus, so the number of autofocus points can be much greater. The Nikon Z 9 and Nikon Z 8 have an incredible 493 autofocus points. Add in multiple features such as super-accurate eye tracking (in animals as well as humans), which also work when shooting video, and your images will always stay sharp.

8. Faster burst speeds

The Nikon Z range of cameras can shoot in much faster bursts than DSLR counterparts – up to an amazing 120 frames per second with the Nikon Z 9 and Nikon Z 8. Those lightning-fast burst speeds mean you’ll never miss a shot. This is especially useful for those who are shooting live action, such as sport or wildlife, and need to capture the perfect moment every time. Plus, the Nikon Z 8 and Z 9’s new Pre Release Capture feature means you can capture even more photos before you press the shutter button with pre- and post-burst mode set to 30fps or an incredible 120fps, so you will always be sure you freeze the exact moment in time you were after.


9. Constantly upgraded 

With new firmware, the Nikon Z system is always being improved. Frequent firmware updates provide users with added functionality, features (such as shooting 8K) or advanced compatibility, which means you’ll always receive the latest software, regardless of when you bought your camera. Most recently, a new firmware update for the Nikon Z 9 (4.0) introduced several new features, including Auto Capture, a new remote triggering option where you can set your criteria for what you want to capture, walk away and let the camera do the rest.


10. It’s a Nikon

Nikon has been at the forefront of photographic innovation for more than 100 years, creating legendary cameras and being behind many of the most iconic images of recent history. Nikon cameras have always been known for their robustness, ergonomics and amazing image quality, and the mirrorless Z series takes innovation in photography and video to the very next level.

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